Our Story

Journey to Purpose: Walk with God, Walk with Purpose

Journey to Purpose is a faith-based company that specializes in prayer journals and daily planners that will help you foster your relationship with God, which will translate into a fulfilling, purposeful lifestyle. Our products are tailored to fit every type of woman and young girl who is in pursuit of a relationship with God while discovering who they are in Christ. Our journals and planners are designed with prompts to help you focus on gratitude, forgiveness, daily goals, and prayer. God wants us to live a purposeful and intentional life, which can only be lived through having a personal relationship with Christ. God is a loving and kind God, and He will meet you right where you are just like He came down to save mankind. He is simply waiting for you to take the first step. He stands knocking at your door and desires you to open up. If you do, He will immediately flood your life with true peace and joy. Journey to Purpose wants to help you on your journey to discovering your purpose and walking into a glorious destiny.

I am a wife, mother to four amazing children, a registered nurse, and a believer of Jesus Christ. I wear many hats that keep me extra busy. Even though I’ve been blessed with an awesome family and an exciting career, I always felt like something was missing, and I desperately sought to find it. I tried to fill this void with other activities such as being preoccupied with my children’s activities, personal hobbies, and even re-enrolling in school for my Master’s degree. No matter what I attempted to do to fill this void, nothing worked. I was missing the most important thing, and that was having a relationship with God and knowing what my purpose in life was. No amount of family or professional success was able to fill that deep void. One day, while driving into work, I started thinking about my life, and I remembered what my mother would say to me as a kid: “Deborah, you better ask God what your purpose is.” I didn’t realize the magnitude of her statement until years later when I began to actually pray for clarity on discovering my purpose and the way to fulfill it. Your purpose is not something in which you have to find. It is not lost because it is something that is already embedded inside of you. The question you have to ask is “God, what do you have destined for me to do while on earth?” Be prepared because it is a process and a journey that may take you through some painful paths of self-discovery and self-improvement. Embrace your Journey to Purpose as God leads you through the path. Journey to Purpose was birthed from a place of reconnecting with God and self-discovery. What I realized early on is that no person can tell you what your purpose is, no matter how many self-help books you read or the countless people who tell you that you are created to be something. No one will be able to give you the personalized answer you need but our Creator. In Him, you will find your true identity.